Process in lockf with apache/php

Nicolas Letellier nicolas at
Fri Mar 21 02:24:09 PDT 2008


I use Apache 1.3 and PHP5 in module.
I have a timeout of 30 seconds for my PHP scripts.
When a process is out of this timeout, I have this message in my error.log:

  Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in 
/var/www/data/test.php on line 10

Ok, this is normal.

In a "top", I see the process is in lockf state. The process is not killed.
But when I do a "ps aux", I don't see the lockf state.

How show lockf states in "ps" command? I don't find it in ps manpage.

What's a lockf state precisely? Why Apache/PHP does not kill this 
process? I must kill them manually?
Is a bug number of lockf processes is important?


  - Nicolas.

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