/var/named Changes Ownership to Root on Boot

Martin McCormick martin at dc.cis.okstate.edu
Thu Mar 20 17:56:19 PDT 2008

Chuck Swiger writes:
>/var/named is owned by root on all of my newer (5.x and later)  
>systems; I found an old 4.11 box with it owned by bind, though.  If  
>you're using named chroot'ed (as recommended), it will want /var/named/ 
>var/{dump/log/run/stats} writable by bind.

	That's pretty much what I have. the log files and all
are in /var/named and everything works perfectly if I manually
reset the ownership back to bind for the entire tree starting at

	I started seeing the behavior after FreeBSD5 and I did
in fact tell the configuration script of the bind port to chroot
since that is recommended. I thought that should tell the
process to assume the UID of bind and to chroot with /var/named
being the root directory.

	Thanks to you and one other responder, I will have
another look at the defaults and see if there is anything I can
change. I seem to have unwittingly got some systems set up right
and others set up to chown root:wheel /var/named.

Martin McCormick

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