my brother is making me learn FreeBSD...

Reid Linnemann lreid at
Thu Mar 20 10:57:03 PDT 2008

Written by Zbigniew Szalbot on 03/20/08 12:29>>
> Hello,
> 2008/3/20, Nerius Landys <nlandys at>:
>> You could make it a video game server.  That's why I set up a FreeBSD
>>  server.  I run games/iourbanterror, but there are other games you could run.
> And could FreeBSD be used to become a streaming internet radio
> station? Has anyone been doing something like that? I am very
> interested to hear and hopefully it is still within the topic here...
> Thanks!

Why not? There are open source streaming audio services that are
available as FreeBSD ports. I run and icecast server on my box at home
with ices stream providers to listen to my music remotely. I'm sure
there are other streaming audio services that are just as neat too.

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