more on FreeBSD and Brother HL-5250-DN

Gary Kline kline at
Thu Mar 20 10:31:32 PDT 2008

	Not to bore anyone, but my finding may be of interest.
	Predrag pointed me at a Brother lpr/printcap setup for Linux--
	will wonders never cease?, :-).  The URL is

	and had configurations (binaries, not plaintext) for Redhat 
	andDebian.  I managed to install, and thus unpack, the *deb
	(is that cpio?) on my Ubuntu desktop.  

	Very late last night it occurred to me that the reason no
	/dev/lpt0 was that my parallel cable isn't plugged into my new
	printer.  The test pages work via the cat5 <-> switch; this
	HTML helped me configure the 5250.  When I another geek over 
	here to plug things together, I'll be able to test the
	/etc/printcap.   Here it is, as auto-installed by dpkg -i::


	Most of this will port to FreeBSD easily. The Brother directory 
	is full of two subdirs each with a number of files.  The input
	filter, "filterHL5250DN" and other /bin/sh scripts in lpd/
	will take some porting.   Soooooooo: is printcap the best way to
	go?  What about IPP?   The nutshell is that I'd like to use the
	printer in the way that takes the least messing-with.  I have 
	two "desktop", BSD and Ubuntu.  I would like to make the FreeBSD
	computer my printserver ... if I can't use the 5250 as a 
	networked printer.

	Advice please!!


  Gary Kline  kline at  Public Service Unix

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