my brother is making me learn FreeBSD...

Roger Olofsson raggen at
Thu Mar 20 09:38:26 PDT 2008

Donald Laniohan skrev:
> My task is to build a BSD server and do something with it. That is all the
> information he gave me, that, and any questions I have to make Google my
> best friend, which I have. i remember building my first whitebox, it was a
> 386 with windows 3.1. I remember when I built my 486 and stole a copy of
> windows 95. I thought I was a savage. BSD, however, has showed me how
> juvenile I have been. If I do not master BSD my brother is going to keep me
> as a desktop support for his windows clients and I want to progress past
> this. So he's giving me a 1u, and said to put BSD on it and make it do
> something, im just so stuck in my windows comfort zone I can't think of what
> I would need a unix server to that I couldn't make windows do for me. I know
> this is trivial but if somebody could offer any suggestion or resource I,
> and my career, would greatly appreciate it
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> MLAN Consulting
> San Diego, CA
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 > "what I would need a unix server to that I couldn't make windows do 
for me."

The answer is - nothing. Both are operating systems for computers and 
have unlimited possibilities.

It's a matter of time and curiosity. Look at it like this:

	Easy things - short time to learn and do
	Hard things - proprietary stuff - looooong time to learn and do

	Easy things - longer time than above to learn and do
	Hard things - if you get through the easy stuff - it's a doodle

If you're curious enough, you'll find time to master both. And then the 
next thing you get curious of and so on.

On my behalf I started by trying FreeBSD some 10 odd years ago and 
noticed that it then vastly outperformed Windows for some of the things 
I used it for.

Another thing was the incredible stability. Been hooked ever since.

These days I've heard that Mac OSX is built on part of *BSD - must be a 
reason somewhere....

As for resources the starting point was in the thread - that'd be of course and here's some more: 	<- All hail Dru Lavigne!

...and of course

Just my nickels worth.


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