my brother is making me learn FreeBSD...

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On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 11:32:08PM -0800, Donald Laniohan wrote:

> My task is to build a BSD server and do something with it. That is all the
> information he gave me, that, and any questions I have to make Google my
> best friend, which I have. i remember building my first whitebox, it was a
> 386 with windows 3.1. I remember when I built my 486 and stole a copy of
> windows 95. I thought I was a savage. BSD, however, has showed me how
> juvenile I have been. If I do not master BSD my brother is going to keep me
> as a desktop support for his windows clients and I want to progress past
> this. So he's giving me a 1u, and said to put BSD on it and make it do
> something, im just so stuck in my windows comfort zone I can't think of what
> I would need a unix server to that I couldn't make windows do for me. I know
> this is trivial but if somebody could offer any suggestion or resource I,
> and my career, would greatly appreciate it

Good for your brother.

First thing to do is get on the FreeBSD website:
and start reading.    Especially read the handbook and things about
installing and setting up FreeBSD.

Then put some stuff on it, such as browser (Firefox, probably), 
web server (Apache), office tools (OpenOffice) and maybe a few games
from /usr/ports and learn to use those.   You might want to add
database (MySQL), interpreter (Perl, PHP) and other stuff as needed.

Have fun.  


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