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Thu Mar 20 01:49:26 PDT 2008

On Thu, March 20, 2008 16:18, Nejc Škoberne wrote:
>> everything you run on windows can be run on Freebsd and more.
> Huh? AFAIK FreeBSD can not act as a domain controller for an Microsoft AD.

AD is nothing more than a big database accessible over LDAP.
You connect to the LDAP database, and when you are authenticated you get a
kerberos token.

Clients use SRV records to check for AD services. SRV Records are
supported by BIND. It is possible to run AD and have your DNS/AD zones on
a BIND DNS server. I believe you can even find whitepapers from Microsoft
for this.

Of course certain features are Microsoft specific.

> And this is something you would need in a company full of Windows boxen.
> And don't tell me I can throw away Windows and install FreeBSD on hundreds
> of clients (with so varying hardware that even Windows has problems
> sometimes).

Xorg + openoffice? Why not? Of course the TCO will increase, training etc.
It is simpler for the majority of us to stick to windows.

> Replacing the Windows 2008 server with a FreeBSD box without loosing
> functionality? Are you sure you really meant that? Just checking again
> before
> starting spitting out things where FreeBSD can not replace Windows server.

yes. I meant that. We are talking out of the box Windows 2008. What kind
of functionality are you talking about?

At work I use windows a lot. Windows 2003 R2, SCCM, SQL 2005, SCOM,
Exchange 2007 and all the other latest stuff from Microsoft. But for all
these applications I can use also Freebsd and applications found in ports.

Besides, the point was that the TS wanted to start using somethign else
than windows to learn more about OS in general. PPl stick to Windows
because they are afraid for change and a learning curve.

> Bye,
> Nejc


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