Gcc and make not producing executable

Reid Linnemann lreid at cs.okstate.edu
Wed Mar 19 13:49:44 PDT 2008

Written by Eduardo Cerejo on 03/19/08 15:23>>
>> gmake does the trick.
> Indeed it did.  Can you tell me what the main differences is between make and gmake in terms of "making"?  I can see that gmake is gnu's version of make, is FreeBSD's gmake the same as linux's make?
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On Linux systems, there is no base system 'make', so GNU make is
installed as 'make'. On FreeBSD systems, there is a base system make
that is maintained by the FreeBSD project, so GNU make is installed as
'gmake'. The main differences in making with them is that GNU make and
FreeBSD make accept different arguments, and their makefile syntaxes
have discrepancies.

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