OT: brother hl-5250dn here.

Predrag Punosevac punosevac at math.arizona.edu
Wed Mar 19 12:28:42 PDT 2008

Gary Kline wrote:
> 	Ihave my new printer here, hooked into my hub/switch.  What next?
> 	How to configure it to get a DHCP lease.  I just rebooted my
> 	pfSense firewall and do not see any new leases!
For starters I think this question is for Brother technical support not 
for FreeBSD mailing list
but since we are all family let me try to help you.

Printer needs to be attached to DHCP server in order to get an address. 
Obviously your switch is not DHCP server.
You need honest NAT router (which contains DHCP server ) or attach it to 
FreeBSD machine to which you installed
DHCP server. Printer should be located in the LAN zone so firewall 
should not be existing among those machines
otherwise you need to enable port 631 for IPP and port 515 for LPR 
printing protocol.

How the printer gets initiated should be described in the manual you got 
it with the printer.

How the printer gets configured to be printer server is out of the scope 
of these message but if you tell me which
spooling system you use I could help you.

Sorry, I could not be of more help.


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