bsdlabel, now no boot

Walker zflyer at
Wed Mar 19 07:55:37 PDT 2008

On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 10:26 PM, David Kelly <dkelly at> wrote:
>  Having had a fresh attack at my broken system tonight I discovered the
>  original PATA drive boots if I disable the SATA drives in BIOS. What
>  appears to be happening is that no matter the BIOS is told to boot
>  "IDE" (and doesn't have a SATA boot option) once the SATA drives have
>  enough formatting to look bootable to BIOS, the BIOS boots the ad4
>  SATA drive rather than the ad0 PIDE drive.  :-(
>  I was trying to geom stripe ad4 and ad6, not ad4s1 and ad6s1. Made my
>  gstripe with ad4s1 and ad6s1 so that the boot MBR stays untouched.
>  System is now booting ad0 by starting at ad4 and hopping to ad6, then
>  to ad0.

Yes, you've discovered a "feature" of the 400SC (I have 3).  If you
have PATA and SATA disks installed:

SATA disabled in BIOS -> PATA boots
SATA enabled in BIOS -> SATA boots, and stops if it can't (PATA never attempted)

The best work around is to install a boot loader on your SATA HD to
point to the PATA HD.

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