daylight savings time

Nerius Landys nlandys at
Tue Mar 18 19:31:04 PDT 2008

I'm running FreeBSD 5.5.  I'm in California and my hardware clock is set to
UTC I believe (how to check if it's important?).  Ever since the daylight
saving time shift here in California a couple of weeks ago my clock has been
late by one hour.  For example right now it is 7:28 PM and my computer says:

nlandys at speedy# date
Tue Mar 18 18:28:08 PST 2008

I have NTP running and I verified that it works by setting the clock to be
off by one hour and one minute (basically nudge the time by one minute) and
the clock synchronizes itself to be accurate to the minute and second but
off by one hour.

Does anyone know how to fix this?  Is there some sort of updated time zone
data that I need?  Thanks in advance.


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