Warnings after overclock

David Kelly dkelly at hiwaay.net
Tue Mar 18 19:19:39 PDT 2008

On Mar 18, 2008, at 3:32 PM, Ghirai wrote:

> Hello list,
> I just overclocked my CPU a bit for the sake of it,
> from 2.3GHz to ~2.8GHz.

You know that you should create a new message and address it to the  
list rather than edit a reply to another thread the way you sent the  

No matter how hard you edit the following headers (In-Reply-To: and  
References:) remained in your message hidden from casual view. For  
those who read this list in collapsed threaded view would never have  
seen your message under "bsdlabel, now no boot" unless they were  
reading that thread.

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