mpd pptp server?

Jon Theil Nielsen jontheil at
Tue Mar 18 16:44:01 PDT 2008

I have tried some different ways to make a working VPN server on FreeBSD 7.0.
The main goal is to make it possible for Windows clients to access their
Samba home shares. I'm not sure if mpd is the best solution, but I will give
it a try.
I have installed /usr/ports/mpd4 and have the following configuration:

<don't know what to put in here...>

load pptp1

new -i ng0 pptp1 pptp1
set iface disable on-demand
set iface enable proxy-arp
set iface idle 0
set iface enable tcpmssfix
set bundle enable multilink
set link yes acfcomp protocomp
set link no pap chap
set link enable chap
set link keep-alive 10 60
set ipcp yes vjcomp
set ipcp ranges
set ipcp dns
set ipcp nbns
set link disable pap
set bundle enable compression
set ccp yes mppc
#set ccp yes mpp-e40
set ccp yes mpp-e128
set ccp yes mpp-stateless
#set bundle enable crypt-reqd

set link type pptp      ## define the link type protocol as PPTP
set pptp self        ## define the IP address  on which MPD will
set pptp enable incoming      ## define the connection as Incoming
set pptp disable originate     ## enables PPTP connection for communication
with the client

And then I also have a mpd.secrets file of course.

I can start the service, but I don't see any pptp interface after an
ifconfig command. And netstat -an does not show any port 1723 listening.

Do I need to have a customized kernel to make it work? Or are there any
obvious errors in the above configuration?

Jon Theil Nielsen

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