nvidia driver 96.43.05 crashes Xorg

tesolarisc per-olof.nilsson2 at comhem.se
Tue Mar 18 16:02:03 UTC 2008


On Mon, 2008-03-17 at 14:27 +0000, Daniel Bye wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 01:56:53PM +0100, tesolarisc wrote:
> > When I updated my ports lately the nvidia driver got updated.
> > Since then I can't use openGL screensavers without crashing Xorg.
> > 
> > nvidia driver is 96.43.05
> > Xorg server 1.4.0
> > (FreeBSD 7.0-Release)
> > 
> > Do I have to downgrade to 96.43.(01?) again or is there a solution?

Thanks for your reply Dan.

> Is there any reason you're not using the latest driver? It's up to 
> 169.12 now (x11/nvidia-driver) 

According to nvidia homepage it doesn't support my chip, which is
GForce4 420MX.

> Did you remember to update the nVidia driver port /after/ everything
> else? If not, it's possible, depending on what other ports you upgraded,
> you've got GL and GLX libs from somewhere other than the driver port. 
> Try uninstalling and reinstalling it.
> Dan

According to the log it was using Xorg's glx module...
Fixed that, since then I haven't had the problem :-).



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