Best way to achive email hosting for several domains

Roberto Nunnari roberto.nunnari at
Tue Mar 18 14:31:11 UTC 2008


I'd like to know what are the best practices for implementing
email hosting for several domains. The service is accessible
via pop/imap/webmail

Apart from that, I'd like to ask for comments on the
actual comfiguration..

The system is already configured and running as follows:

# uname -rms
FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE-p23 i386

MTA:		sendmail
imap/pop:	mail/imap-uw
webmail:	horde from ports

Every mailbox as a local unix account, ie:
info at --> a1
steve at --> a2
info at --> b1
joe at --> b2

Now, everything works fine, but I'm a bit concerned with the
webmail login.. I'd like info at to login with a
username equal to the email, but as the authentication in
horde is handled by imp, I'm not sure how to proceed with that..

Any hints/suggestions are welcome.

Thank you and best regards.

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