VMWare Tools for FreeBSD

Jeff Dickens jeff at seamanpaper.com
Mon Mar 17 23:33:18 UTC 2008

I just made a copy of /usr/lib/vmware/isoimages/freebsd.iso from VMware 
Server v1.0.4 under a different name, and moved it to the ESX server.

Then I mounted that ISO as a virtual cdrom on the freebsd guest, 
untarred the tools and ran the install script.  It seems to work fine.

A couple of provisos: I don't use X windows on any of my FreeBSD 
systems, and the vmxnet accelerated virtual network adapter does not 
work properly.  I use the e1000 adapter instead.  It wouldn't be a bad 
idea to comment out the 'vmxnet_load="YES"' line from /boot/loader.conf, 
but it doesn't seem to cause problems just being loaded.

Furthermore, I don't use any of the virtualcenter features like vmotion, 
etc.  I use freebsd guests for small-footprint servers, for example a 
dhcp and dnscache server with 512MB disk and 32MB ram.

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>>  I use the vmware tools for freebsd from the free vmware server 
>> product for my esx-hoster freebsd servers. 
> Did you have to do anything special to build and install them?
> Ted
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