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Terry Sposato terry at sucked-in.com
Mon Mar 17 21:55:53 UTC 2008

Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
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>>>> Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
>>>>> Are you asking if FreeBSD can be made to run the ESX software so that
>>>>> a FreeBSD server can virtualize multiple systems, or are you asking
>>>>> if an ESX server can create a virtual machine that FreeBSD can run in?
>>>>> If your using the commercial ESX product I would assume you would be
>>>>> using it on it's own "bare metal" product incarnation which I think
>>>>> uses a hacked-up version of Linux (without a compiler or any other
>>>>> normal Linux tools).  In that case I do not see why you would have
>>>>> a problem running multiple FreeBSD virtual servers on the ESX
>>>>> server.
>>>> That's not what OP is asking. He wants to run FreeBSD as VM in ESX.
>>>> There's currently no support from VMWare for FreeBSD, but it
>> runs anyway.
>>> I figured that was what he was asking, but we should probably
>>> hear from him to make sure that this is really what he was asking.
>>> Unfortunately,
>>> the original post was either from someone who didn't use English
>>> as their native language, or they are paying for their Internet
>>> connection by-the-byte and were trying to make the question as
>>> short as possible, as a result, the entire meaning of the post
>>> was lost.
>>> Ted
>> OK, maybe I was not clear enough so I will try again.
>> I want to run FreeBSD as a VM Guest on a VMWare ESX Server. Currently
>> there is no problem with it and it works fine. The problems arise when
>> you want to take advantage of the HA ability of ESX Server, as it only
>> supports Virtual Machines with the VM Tools running.
>> So what I am asking is if someone has ever though about porting the
>> VMWare Tools to run in a FreeBSD Virtual Machine image.
> Terry, Jeff Dickens replied this morning - perhaps his mail
> crossed yours?  The answer is yes, you can do it with the
> free vm tools from the free vmware product.  If you have
> problems compiling these, please post.
> Ted

Ted / Jeff,

Could you please let me know where to download these free vm tools. The 
only description at google I can find is that of the actual VMWare Tools 
by VMWare. If you point me to a download link that would be great!


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