Wireless AP FreeBSD 7.0

Sam Fourman Jr. sfourman at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 08:02:01 UTC 2008

>  you don't want to tarnish FreeBSD and Samba with a bad rap.
>  If you have a separate hardware AP it's a lot easier to convince
>  them that the problem is inherent in the wireless networking
>  itself, and has nothing to do with the server, when you can
>  point to a separate box.
>  Ted


I very much agree with you, I just don't have much of a choice in the matter
I am a consultant (New to BSD's) and the client has a Ralink RT2661
he has 5 wired computers via a linksys gigabit switch and 1
notebook(with no wired nic)

Thank you all for your help.

This list is Great

Sam Fourman Jr.
Fourman Networks

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