Why not a DVD iso version too?

illoai at gmail.com illoai at gmail.com
Sun Mar 16 20:20:21 UTC 2008

On 16/03/2008, Mel <fbsd.questions at rachie.is-a-geek.net> wrote:
> On Sunday 16 March 2008 21:03:27 Incoming Mail List wrote:
>  > I think I can answer this one.  Perhaps, not enough disk space?  See,
>  > the "Where is packages-6.2-release" for more context.  You know, disk
>  > space isn't infinite...uh-huh.
>  Easy to bitch, ain't it?
>  Make an iso-dvd then and provide the space and bandwidth.
>  I hope they never release a DVD officially, cause it'll mean that 80% of
>  what's downloaded then will never ever be used, yet it does use up the
>  bandwidth on every new release. Stick to windows if you believe that's a
>  proper use of resources.

How many iterations of:
"I just downloadededed all 4 iso's(sic) and the
bootonly, which one do I need to do a nef tea pee

Then again, who ever listened to all 16 tracks
of their (First Pressing!) Japanese "...baby one
more time"?


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