umodem driver with Nokia N80

Gautham Ganapathy gautham at
Sun Mar 16 01:00:34 UTC 2008


I am trying to get my nokia n80 working under freebsd (7-stable) with the
umodem driver. Running udesc_dump from ports shows that this phone supports
the Abstract Control Model in the Communication Device Class, but it only
comes up as a ugen device even with the ucom and umodem devices loaded at
startup. Enabling some debug info in sys/dev/usb/umodem.c indicates that the
device matching code was failing when it was checking for some Call
Management feature (UDESCSUB_CDC_CM) in umodem_get_caps(). udesc_dump does
not list this descriptor either, although this phone is being detected as an
ACM device under linux (Ubuntu 7.10 livecd), where it comes up as ttyACM0.

Is there any way of getting this up and running in 7-stable? Any pointers on
what changes might be required to the driver and any documentation would
also be very helpful


PS - I was able to use this phone as a modem using bluetooth until a f/w
upgrade (5.xxxx) introduced some bugs and made it stop working

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