/usr/local/www a tradition?

Modulok modulok at gmail.com
Sat Mar 15 22:24:15 UTC 2008

> like system update?
> keep it clean keep it simple
> what will happen if you will decide to update system/software and
> everything will be in random places not where is should be?

I'm not too concerned with that. Automatic system updates are the key
to temporal instability, arguably at the cost of security, but that's
another story best saved for later...

> I dislike the notion of putting project-specific data under /usr/local.
> Config files and the like are easy to control, but large trees should be
> able to live wherever I want them to live.

I concur. I thought it would be easiest to keep all non-system data in
one place (/home), but thought I'd best get the general consensus

You have all been quite helpful. Thank you much.

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