Samba listing same file twice and omitting others

Elliot Finley efinleywork at
Sat Mar 15 19:41:34 UTC 2008

Found in FreeBSD-Current:

>With prompting, I found a suitable pre-existing bug report.
> bug 4715
>They added the option to set "directory name cache size = 0" on a per share 
>basis.  This has fixed my problems.

On Fri, 14 Mar 2008 18:27:25 -0700, you wrote:

>Hi Everyone,
>I've got freebsd 7.0 RELEASE AMD64 running with samba and ZFS. Everything
>seems to work, except samba is incorrectly reporting a small chunk of files.
>For certain files, the file appears twice on a windows machine but reading
>from both files yields the same file. For other files, it does not report
>the file at all. But if you copy the same file again, it will ask you if you
>want to replace the existing file. Additionally if you go onto the freebsd
>box and do an ls on the files, they will appear correctly (missing ones show
>up and duplicates do not).
>I tried two different windows boxes (vista and windows xp sp2) and both
>behave the same way. All permissions are set to 777 on all files.
>Any idea if this is a samba bug?
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