Where is packages-6.2-release?

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Sat Mar 15 19:29:20 UTC 2008

>I have only ONE question.
>Where is packages-6.2-release? I have FreeBSD 6.2, and tuning it.
>Where I can download packages for my freebsd version?

Thats a great question, and it appears that the 6.2-release packages
repository has been removed.  Looking in ftp.freebsd.org I see 5-stable,
6-stable, 6.3-release, 7-stable, 7.0-release, and 8-current.  There is
no 6.2-release directory so "pkg_add -r" returns an error for any package
that you try to load.  Very aggravating.

Apparently the release team is only providing packages for the most
recent streams.  I'd like to know why that is, and also why they insist
on listing "packages" under "ports".  The documentation makes it very
clear there is a difference between the two.  Why anyone on the release
team thinks it's intuitive to look for a ready-to-go "package" under
a "ports" directory which has been defined by documentation as something
that needs to be compiled, is a mystery to simpletons like myself.

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