A couple of questions about 7.0-RELEASE and X11

Gordon devel user0 at tkgeomap.org
Sat Mar 15 18:02:45 UTC 2008

The configure program is now /usr/local/bin/xorgconfig .

You might also want to try 'X -configure' , which does some hardware
probing and puts a best guess configure file in /root/xorg.conf.new .

The X documentation can still be a bit sketchy.  Above advice came
from books.


On Sat, Mar 15, 2008 at 11:36:36PM +1000, Robert Chalmers wrote:
> I have just installed the new 7.0-RELEASE shown on the www.freebsd.org home
> page  ( still confused as to whether this is CURRENT or STABLE ) and trying
> to get X working.
> It doesn't appear to have xorgcfg in it anywhere? Has this handy program
> been abandoned?
> I'm running it on an old SAMTRON 5Ei monitor of unknown HorizontalSync and
> VerticalSync patterns, and the card type is reported as S3. 
> There are a couple of ways to configure the xorg.conf file available - but
> none seem to be producing any useable results.
> The handbook is clear and concise - but none of it works.
> I did a clean install of 7.0 and put X on at the time. But even the manual
> talks about xorgcfg - but its no where to be found? Should it be there? Or
> has it been discontinued?

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