interactive stop on boot

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Fri Mar 14 19:29:39 UTC 2008


If there isn't anything needed from the NFS mounts, you can add
intr,soft options to the /etc/fstab for each NFS share. Intr allows you
to interrupt the NFS process with CTRL-C. You may not be available to do
this, but you could call a user to do it. Soft allows the NFS client to
fail, instead of hang. 

Or you could just delete the entries or have them noauto.

Also, verify that the dump and pass# are set to zero. At least pass#, as
if it is any other number, the background fschk will try to run and hang
if not available (not ideal to run fschk on NFS mounts anyway)

Hope this helps.

David Wassman

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Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 08:24:57 -0700
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Subject: interactive stop on boot
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Hi -- I'm running a "Tombstone" machine that's functioning as a
server.  The machine is located somewhere with a fast connection, and
not somewhere that I have easy access to.  As such, I want this
machine to do its best to boot up and get onto the network, no matter
what happens on boot, so that I have a chance to actually fix the

Lately when it boots it runs into an NFS mounting error, claiming that
some of my NFS-mounted drives have unexpected inconsistencies.  It
says "unexpected error - help!" and then quits to a /bin/sh
single-user-mode prompt.  As I am 10 miles away, this is decidedly
unhelpful.  I don't care if it can't mount some irrelevant drive or
not; I want it to boot up and ask me questions later.

Is there a way that I can set the machine to do its best to boot no
matter what it finds at boot time?  Thanks in advance for any help you
can provide,

- Jason

PS -- Boot messages not available, as the machine is down at the
moment and I can't get over there to type "<enter>   exit<enter>"
until later this afternoon.

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