16GB AMD Opteron-machine - AMD64 or PAE?

Ewald Jenisch a at jenisch.at
Fri Mar 14 16:30:35 UTC 2008


For one of my machines (HP C-class Blade, 2 * AMD Opteron, 16GB RAM)
should I go for the i386 or the amd64 Version of FreeBSD 7.0?

As far as I've seen kernel and system isn't a problem with the amd64
version, but how about ports?

To be specific here's what I'd like to install on this machine:

o) mrtg
o) cacti
o) nfsen
o) named (caching DNS only)
o) ntpd
o) TSM-client (Client for IBM Backup-System running in Linux emulation mode)

Does anybody have experience with any of these applications under the
amd64-Version of FreeBSD? Caveats any?

Thanks in advance for any clue,

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