ndis0 no link on 6.3-RELEASE

Glen Barber glen.j.barber at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 02:56:07 UTC 2008

Hello everyone.  

First off, sorry for the double post, but I'm not 100% certain at where this 
post belongs.  

I've found via Google many problems with ndis0 and failure to find a link in 
6.3-RELEASE, without resolution.  So here's my setup.

I'm using a Broadcom 4318 chipset, with drivers created from ndisgen.  If you 
need more specific information on the drivers, I'll be more than happy to 
provide information, however I believe it to be irrelevant at this moment, as 
I have used more than one driver version, with the same results.  

In 6.3-RC1 and below (tested in 6.2-RELEASE, and all -STABLE releases in 
between), my ndis0 adapter works as exptected, using WPA and DHCP.  I can't 
pinpoint exaclty what changed (I've check in /usr/src/UPDATING, as it seemed 
to be most relevant), with no avail to finding anything regarding either wpa 
or dhclient.  

Since an upgrade to 6.3-RELEASE (both, via csup and a fresh install off of 
cd), I generate my ndis module, create an /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf, 
leaving /etc/dhclient as default, and am prompted with:
ndis0: no link.......... giving up

Upon 'kldunload bcmwl5.ko; kldload bcmwl5.ko', my ndis0 card looses all WPA 

What seems to me to be the interesting part is this:
If I 'csup' to 6.3-RELEASE from -RC1, and build a kernel, the problem does not 
occur -- as long as I do not 'buildworld'.  However, once I 'buildworld; 
installworld', I am faced with the same problems as if I had installed 
6.3-RELEASE from cd.  

I would really like to figure out what is causing this (both for myself, and 
the other affected ndis0 victims), but I'm not sure where to look -- 
dhclient, wpa_supplicant or ndis itself.  Any other information I could 
provide, please let me know.  


Glen Barber

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