Tuning make.conf

Luca Presotto Luca.Presotto at cern.ch
Thu Mar 13 12:30:08 UTC 2008

>Isn't -j depend on how many cpu/core and a faster harddisk / raid?

Yes, it is. But with j1 you have only one job running at a time. On a dual core you can really easily running at least two jobs at the same time.
Then I've read a number of ideas about which is the relation between the number of cores and the optimal number of jobs.
I have been suggested something between n+1 and 2n+1

Of course the optimal number of jobs depends on the disk speed and similar.

But switching between 1 and 3 gives something like halving the time needed to compile everything.

Maybe it's possible that when building the kernel it gives some problem, but I'm thinking about compiling ports.

Or does portupgrade automatically chooses which -j to use?

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