Tuning make.conf

Luca Presotto Luca.Presotto at cern.ch
Thu Mar 13 10:59:01 UTC 2008

>You're *really* wasting your time. 
I supposed that!

>Your system is doing no cpu cycles at all for most of 
>the time anyway. [cut]Also, makeopts and -pipe just make _compiling_ faster, not the 
>applications themselves!!!.

I agree with everything. In any case I think that a faster compiling will really be a good thing.
I have been reading another time the man of make.conf and I still have some doubts.
Neither in the example either in the man page there is any reference to "MAKEOPTS". Changing from -j1 to -j3 would really be a huge difference! 

To be able to set this is very important. 
Then I don't want an ultra tweaked make.conf like gentooers do. Just a reasonable one. 
(And you have convinced me, I won't recompile everything. Just to have a good compiling when I will be upgrading)

I have some doubts about the correct syntax, the man is ambiguous in this point.
If I write CPUTYPE= core2 will it automatically sets all the best safe CFLAGS for my core or just set the -march=core2
Should my make.conf be  like:
CFLAGS= --O2 -pipe -fno-strict-aliasing

or just:

or maybe:

CFLAGS+= --O2 -pipe -fno-strict-aliasing

>Please take a look at the following pages, they have a lot more 
>information about this matter ;)

Actually that's really funny!! I think that's why there are so many pages about gentoo and almost none about other OSes.

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