Tuning make.conf

Luca Presotto presotto at mail.cern.ch
Thu Mar 13 09:32:54 UTC 2008

Hi everyone!
	I was starting to think to recompile everything for my pc to speed 
up everything. I started googling and I found almost nothing about how to 
change make.conf on bsd. Almost everything was about Gentoo, somehow not 
The first thing I noticed is that for linux all the instructions are about 
doing CFLAGS=" value" while it seems from /etc/share/examples/make.conf 
that in bsd I don't need ". Is it correct?
Second question: If I set MAKEOPTS= -j 3 will that be used when 
portupgrading? (It's really to slow otherwise!)
Third question...The most difficult..Which are the best flags for my 
machine? (freebsd 7.0-RELEASE with an intel centrino core2 duo)
I have seen in the ..../examples/etc/make.conf that one of the possible 
"CPUTYPE" is core2 which looks to me as the right one but a geekier friend 
of mine that lives inside gentoo-linux told me that this option is 
unknown is gcc 4.2 and will be working from gcc4.3, so he told me to use 
And what do I have to set to make gcc aware of the type of CPU I have?
and then CFLAGS= --O2 -pipe (etc..)
or should I not write the cputype and then do:
CLFAGS= -march=mycpu --O2 etc....
Can someone give me some advice on how to configure this file?
Or can you provide me some documentation?
Thank you!

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