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Paul A. Procacci pprocacci at
Thu Mar 13 03:15:26 UTC 2008

David Banning wrote:
> I am using dovecot email on my server - Users can connect via IMAP or POP3.
> I have a user who is using pop3 but not removing the email from the 
> server - so the email stays on the server, -and- it is collecting on their
> computer - as the emails build up, will there be a problem with this?
> For IMAP it stays on the server, so I assume the server will not be presented
> with any problem - but will the user suffer any problem eventually?  

The assumption that just because the user is using IMAP will alleviate 
any problems isn't necessarily true.
I'd suggest getting over to the dovecot mailling lists and asking them 
specifically the same question.

I don't use dovecot exclusively where I work, but generally when there 
is a problem, it's because of a user
having way too much email.  Whether the user keeps their mail on the 
server via pop or uses imap exclusively, the
majority of the time it takes to grab headers and/or parse through all 
the emails is limited by disk.

It's not uncommon for some of our users to have 4000+ emails in their 
inbox, and it's not uncommon for me to tell them
why their pop/imap client is slow.

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