Superuser password lost

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Wed Mar 12 16:07:57 UTC 2008

Bill Moran wrote:

>I don't know of anywhere in the FreeBSD base system
>that the term "superuser" is used, so I assume he'll get a more
>direct answer from the PC-BSD folks.
Hate to be picky, because I'd agree with most everything else you wrote, 
but superuser, and its synonym super-user, do appear in many base man 
pages, for example the su page shown below.  Sometimes it's a shortcut 
for root (or other UID 0 user), like below in su, sometimes just for 
effective UID 0 in general, for example as in mount(8).

>      The su utility requests appropriate user credentials via PAM and 
> switches
>      to that user ID (the default user is the superuser).  A shell is then
>      executed.

I'd contend that the su manpage *should* say root not superuser, since 
root is hardwired as the default.  But for other cases, any user with 
UID 0 might work just as well (e.g. toor).


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