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On Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 05:37:25PM +1100, dajaasge wrote:
> Hi there
> As a relatively inexperienced user of FreeBSD I have little input to offer  
> the community as a whole save to suggest that offering a DVD iso image  
> from which to install would save the sometimes extreme tediousness of disc  
> swapping when adding packages. If I knew more about it I would make such  
> an image myself, however, having never had to do it before it is something  
> I will have to pen in for a later time.

I believe there are a few people/organisations who provide DVD
images - I'm sure Google will help you locate them.

I think it fair to say that most people will use ports to compile and
install software, rather than relying on the packages on the release
ISOs, for the simple reason that the ports tree is a moving target -
the packages included with any particular release are out of date
(as a set, if not individually) quite quickly, because the porters
do a fantastic job of adding new software and updating existing ports.

So, my suggestion (as an old hack who's been around for almost a 
decade ;-) would be to familiarise yourself with the ports tree 
and all its magic - you'll probably find yourself using it in
preference to precompiled packages. The handbook is the best place
to start, as ever.


Daniel Bye
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