Trouble Rescuing a System

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Tue Mar 11 19:09:11 UTC 2008

On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 07:25:35PM -0400, Brian Minard wrote:

> I am trying to use the Fixit shell from FreeBSD 6.1 STABLE to rescue a
> system running 7.0 STABLE. The problem is that I can't make the root
> partition (i.e., "/") for the hard disk writable. I can mount other
> partitions on the hard disks as writable. The hard disks contain a
> mirrored GEOM file system. In creating the GEOM mirror I mapped
> /dev/da0 to /dev/mirror/gm0 and then mirrored gm0 on /dev/da1. (All of
> the GEOM configuration was done under 6.1 and the system was recently
> upgraded to 7.0).
> The fstab I created in the Fixit shell contains the following lines:
> /dev/da0s1a /mnt/root ufs ro 0
> /dev/da0s1d /mnt/var ufs rw 0

Well, when you have it marked as 'ro' as in the line above,
it will be mounted read only.  

Try changing that to 'rw'

Make sure it is not already mounted.

mount -u /mnt/root


> Fixit# mount /mnt/root
> Fixit# mount -u -w /mnt/root
> mount: /dev/da0s1a: Operation not permitted.
> Mounting the /var file system works as expected.
> What can I do to make /mnt/root a writable file system?
> Thanks,
> Brian
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