[FreeBSD 7] 3 Terabyte Array Doesn't Attach

Paul A. Procacci pprocacci at datapipe.com
Mon Mar 10 22:50:31 UTC 2008


Been searching mailling lists and reading the FBSD documentation, but 
couldn't find an answer.  I'm hoping this list can point me in the 
correct direction.

I have a client that wants a raid 6 array, w/ 6 x 750G drives (i.e. 

The machine has a 'HP Smart Array P400' controller (ciss), which we use 
quite often, just not on an array of this magnitute before.

Configuring the array through the raid bios is pretty simple as it's 
just like any other you would setup.  However, the kernel is unable to 
`attach` the device as is.  I am wondering if a) anyone has run into 
this issue before, and/or b) knows of any good workaround.

Here are errors from the logs:

Mar  6 01:58:40 store1 kernel: (da1:ciss0:0:1:0): got CAM status 0x4
Mar  6 01:58:40 store1 kernel: (da1:ciss0:0:1:0): fatal error, failed to 
attach to device
Mar  6 01:58:40 store1 kernel: (da1:ciss0:0:1:0): lost device
Mar  6 01:58:40 store1 kernel: (da1:ciss0:0:1:0): removing device entry

Some things I have tried:
2 raid5 arrays w/ gstripe - This yields a usable 3Terabyte partition but 
this isn't an option due to client restrictions.
zfs - works like a charm, but client unwilling to use something 'new'.  
Restrictions can sometimes be a pain I tell ya.

I should mention the mahcine is amd64, not sure if this has any relavance.

Help?  -P


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