mail server from Windows to FreeBSD

Ivailo Bonev ibb_orac at
Mon Mar 10 10:49:28 UTC 2008

Hello FreeBSDers,
I have a Windows machine that get all e-mails, from few accounts, from 
different Internet providers. I want to setup FreeBSD machine that get all 
mails from accounts and remote and local users get their mails from that 
FreeBSD mail storage server. I don't own a domain or MX records.
I read many docs in Intrernet, and now I have installed FreeBSD 7.0 RELEASE, 
with installed fetchmail port (to get mail from various accounts), 
sendmail-sasl port, and dovecot for IMAP server. But now I'm lost, from 
where to start configuring FreeBSD mail server?
And one last thing, how can deliver all mail messages from Outlook Express 
client from Windows machine to FreeBSD mail server machine?
Any help is appreciated! 

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