How did references to get in my 6.3 ports?

Vinny vinny-mail-01+f.questions20080309 at
Mon Mar 10 04:29:05 UTC 2008

Vinny wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I was trying to use portupgrade on totem and ran into a problem with
> references for failing to resolve.  I have a, of
> course, seeing as is for FreeBSD 7, isn't it?
> uname -a
> #0: Wed Jan 16 09:32:16 EST 2008 
> root at  i386


Well, am I embarrassed.  I found an old setting in
pkgtools.conf that I set some time ago when I was experimenting
with something:

   PKG_SITES = [

Since 7 is now stable, I get packages built on 7.  D'oh.
I'll just reset that to the default:


Another self-inflicted problem solved.  I just have to rebuild
all the affected ports manually.


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