Upgrading from 6.2 to 7.0

Adam J Richardson fatman at crackmonkey.us
Sat Mar 8 19:59:15 UTC 2008

Jay Deiman wrote:
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> I have a couple of 6.2 machines that I would like to upgrade to the 7.0
> release.  Is there an "official" set of instructions for this process?
> Thanks,
> Jay Deiman
Hi Jay,

This isn't a recommendation or anything, but I did manage to upgrade one 
of my boxes from 6.3-SOMETHING to 7.0-BETA4 using the standard make 
{build{world,kernel},install{kernel,world}} process. I didn't have any 
problems with it, but it's not a supported method, so only do this if 
you're a crazy like me with no regard for his data. Actually you're 
probably best off backing up all your data and doing a clean install.

Since I'm a crazy with no regard for his data, I'm doing it again 
tonight, this time to 7.0-RELEASE with a GENERIC kernel. I'll let you 
know how it goes.

#include <disclaimer.h>

Adam J Richardson

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