Mathematica 6.01 + FBSD 6.3-release

Malcolm Kay malcolm.kay at
Sat Mar 8 01:28:05 UTC 2008

On Sat, 8 Mar 2008 09:35 am, Rich Winkel wrote:
> I'm having problems getting the frontend running.  The kernel seems
> to run fine.  Initially the linux loader wasn't seeing the libraries
> under SystemFiles/Libraries/Linux (or at least
> /compat/linux/usr/bin/ldd
> couldn't find them when run on
> SystemFiles/FrontEnd/Binaries/Linux/Mathematica )
> So I installed
> /compat/linux/etc/
> containing
> /usr/local/mma6/SystemFiles/Libraries/Linux
> and ran linux's ldconfig, which updated  the cache and all was fine as
> far as ldd was concerned.
> But it still doesn't run and there are no errors.
> Does anyone else have this running under 6.3 with
> xorg-7.3_1 and linux_base-fc-4_10 ?
> Does it need to be installed under /compat/linux ?
I have no experience of Mathematica. But you may need to brand the ELF type
on binary executables and possibly also the libraries you have installed.

# brandelf -t Linux file ...
See brandelf(1).

Malcolm Kay

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