slow internet - 7.0 release

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Fri Mar 7 16:15:38 UTC 2008

>> Everything works great except Internet (I didn't have problem with beta and
>> RC). It is slow.
>> I have standalone comp[uter and as desktop I use KDE. As a browser I prefer
>> Konqueror which is very sloqw on many sites ( for example and many
>> more) and Firefox which is a little faster.
> You will need to quantify "slow" to get much advice here.

it's just like hearing my clients ;) that it's "slow" ;)
no matter how fast it would be.

to make things more fun - there are some webpages that "measures" the 
"speed of internet".

None of them explains what "speed of internet" is.

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