ACPI Problem: "acpi_tz0:_TMP value is absurd"

B J top_gun_canada at
Thu Mar 6 18:03:45 UTC 2008

A few weeks ago, I upgraded my Compaq Presario desktop
machine from FreeBSD 6.2 to 6.3.  I soon noticed this
message on the screen.  Apparently, the system is
measuring the temperature of absolute zero.

At first, I thought it to be an installation error on
my part, but reformatting the hard drive and
re-installing 6.3 didn't change anything.  This
message still appears in 7.0.

I installed 6.3 on a Thinkpad laptop but there doesn't
seem to be a problem with that machine.

A search through Google showed that other users are
having the same difficulty but I haven't found a
solution yet.  It's quite frustrating as there doesn't
seem to be a file which I could edit to reset ACPI,
either is there anything in the desktop machine's

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thank you.


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