Lib Errors After 6.3 - 7 Update

Dimitri Yioulos dyioulos at
Thu Mar 6 16:41:27 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 04 March 2008 9:15 pm, you wrote:
> On Tue, 4 Mar 2008 16:16:44 -0500
> Dimitri Yioulos <dyioulos at> wrote:
> > Perhaps someone has a better suggestion for you, but I had a similar
> > issue with regard to installing VMware Tools.  In my case, I symlinked
> > linked to, and the VMware Tools installation
> > proceeded.
> Like Kris said, not really good. An option may be, if you want to limit
> your exposure to compatibility issues, is to use libmap.conf , so you only
> map as .5 ONLY for certain executables/libraries that depend on
> them.
> I find it this method a much better one to managed - one central place to
> manage library tricks, and is more advanced than symlinking. And you can
> easily transfer it to other systems
> B
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> {Beto|Norberto|Numard} Meijome

Thank you, Beto, for increasing my knowledge.  I'll take a look at libmap.conf 
and read any extant info on it.


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