Support for multiple VTs simultanously displayed (was: how to design a tablet driver?)

Peter Ross Peter.Ross at
Thu Mar 6 08:10:19 UTC 2008

As said off-list, sorry for hijacking a thread. This was not my intention.

I move it from -current to -questions and hope that it suits everyone.

On Wed, 5 Mar 2008, Chuck Robey wrote:
> Peter Ross wrote:

> > I tried to find out whether FreeBSD's 
> > infrastructure does not support displaying of more than one VTs at the 
> > time, as someone claimed. I would like to configure my laptop to use the 
> > small internal monitor as a text console while the external monitor is 
> > serving X.
> BTW, in fact, you can rather easily get multiple monitors to work with Any
> system using X11, and that happens to include FreeBSD?

I do not deny that X11 is able to support multiple monitors.

The question I had is different, and it is not a X11 question, I believe.

A text console on the internal screen and a X output on the external.. two 
different VTs displayed at the same time using the same graphics card.

In a normal "multiple monitor" setup the XServer controls both outputs.

I had a discussion with a KGI (Kernel Graphics Interface) developer, with 
Linux experience, now porting KGI to Hurd. He said that Linux does not 
have the kernel infrastructure to support the display of two virtual 
terminals at the same time.

He doubted that FreeBSD has, so I try to find out.


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