HighPoint- RAID Host Adapter Manufacturer

May Hwang mhwang at highpoint-tech.com
Wed Mar 5 19:34:43 UTC 2008

Dear FreeBSD Department,


This is May from HighPoint Technologies, Inc. We appreciated FreeBSD
developer working in incorporate HighPoint RAID Controller driver into
FreeBSD 7.0 distribution. Let me briefly introduce HighPoint - HighPoint
Technologies, is the RAID expert in providing advanced storage solutions to
the industry that include controller IC's and storage host adapters. 


HighPoint's storage solutions offer the performance and advance data
protection features needed for enterprise, SMB and SOHO environments.
HighPoint's addressed the storage needs for different vertical storage
segments with a tiered product line approach where "One Size Does Not Fit


HighPoint's storage solutions are classified into three product segments -
RocketRAID (3000, 2000 and 1000) Series of SATA RAID controllers. The
RocketRAID Series of SATA RAID controllers offers the most robust
connectivity with (Internal, External and Hybrid) connectors and connections
to various bus types (PCI-Express, PCI-X and PCI).



We think the best way to announce this good news to FreeBSD community is
through listing HighPoint into Hardware Vendor list, please see below proved
HighPoint driver has been successfully embedded into FreeBSD 7.0. Please
feel free to contact us for more information:



Best Regards,


May Hwang


HighPoint Technologies,Inc.








Distribution Partners: ASI, BellMicro, D&H, Malabs

"RocketRAID - Terabyte Storage Technologies"


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