where are base, info, kernels, dict, doc, games, manpages, ports, src, etc. for 7.0-REL?

William Bulley web at umich.edu
Wed Mar 5 21:43:52 UTC 2008

I can't seem to find the "distributions" listed in
the Subject: line on any of the 7.0-RELEASE ISO images.

What am I missing?

I know the 7.0-RELEASE announcement says the "bootable"
ISO can be used along with FTP to finish the install, but
I can't get FTP (or passive FTP, for that matter) to work
as it has in the past.  I am behind a m0n0wall firewall,
but I believe I have used passive FTP in the past to get
around that problem.  I even opened up the firewall with
a "pass all" rule, but it still didn't work.  It looked
like it could not resolve ftp.freebsd.org or ftp9.freebsd.org
since it hung there "trying to connect with..." until it
gave up.  I tried several different (known good) DNS server
IP addresses, but nothing worked.

Then I went looking for the distributions in the ISO
images.  Not finding them there either has really had
a negative impact on my install today, sigh...   :-(



William Bulley                     Email: web at umich.edu

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