How to start Gnome2-lite

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> Guys
> I have managed to to do what you say and now when I type in startx, it
> does show me a box saying "This session is running as a privileged
> user" and asking me to either COntinue or Quit. My mouse isnt working
> at this stage and I cant press either of the buttons. Neither is tab
> or space or alt c working. What to do?
> Your help is much appreciated
> I am running as root because this machine is not used for any other
> purpose, behind a firewall, not connected to any other machine and is
> only being used for testing little utilities.

Welp - As to you running as root (you know my position) that is
absolutely your call mate.

A really quick fix (for the mouse) is call up sysinstall and go to
Configure, then Mouse. 

Choose Number 3 (Type) then config from there OR go right to Number 2

Once you have the rodent configed via sysinstall, that ought to plop
the needed lines in /etc/rc.conf (your mileage may vary, standard
disclaimers apply).

This is just one way of trying it - you could run the Xorg config
utils, or if you are brave, edit the Xorg conf file by hand. 

Best regards,

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