amd64 or i386 for desktop use?

Isaac Mushinsky itz at
Wed Mar 5 06:10:39 UTC 2008

I have new hardware (Abit ip35-pro, Intel Q6600), and was contemplating 
installing FreeBSD/arch, but now realise that I am going to have some 

My nvidia card will not be of much use (GeForce 8500GT), since nvidia-drivers 
are not there for amd64, and the open source nv driver does not even support 
XVideo extension for these cards. I can downgrade to a nv 7xxx series card, 
which works better with the open driver. I do not mind loss of 3D support, 
but would need basic things like mplayer.

So my questions are:
1. Should I get nvidia 7xxx or an ATI card? Which card is most likely to work 
reasonably well? No fancy features required, but may be appreciated later.
2. Any problems with flash plugin (flash7 for now, I do not mean the 
confounded flash9 headache)?
3. Other casual desktop user problems I should be aware of?
4. Is it worth it? Perhaps I should stay with i386, but it is a pity not to be 
able to use the new machine to its full potential.

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