NSCD cached Enterprise LDAP login

Eddie C edlinuxguru at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 17:57:19 UTC 2008


My goal is to allow authentication SSH and sudo access though use of
an LDAP server. I have configured PAM to connect though to our LDAP
server and it is successful using LDAP as a user base. However, I can
only find scattered documentation on cached/nscd. Having the name
service catching is critical to our deployment because doing LDAP
lookups for information on file ownership such as 'stat' operations
would be impractical.

NSCD seems to be part of free BSD 7.0
I can find no reference to it in the 6.X line.

Will NSCD appear as port or package in free BSD 6.2 anytime soon? are
there any other working alternatives to NSCD for the 6.2?

Thank you,

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