It is safe to build ports for 7.0 from a 6.3 chroot?

José García Juanino jjuanino at
Tue Mar 4 14:14:44 UTC 2008

On 04/03/2008, Mel <fbsd.questions at> wrote:
> On Tuesday 04 March 2008 01:48:37 Bogdan Ćulibrk wrote:
>  >
>  > 0) Do I need to reinvent wheel?
>  >
>  >
>  > Joke off. Really, why would you try alternate way of upgrading, when
>  > there's straight way to do it?
> Minimize downtime of services provided by ports?
>  Jose: take a look at Tinderbox - it does exactly what you want to do: build
>  ports for OS release X on OS release Y, using chroot. If you're unsure about
>  your own method, because of OSVERSION or similar, do it using Tinderbox.

Thank you very much for your responses.
The aim is, as you comment, minimize downtime of services. Also, I
want to switch back to the 6.3 release in a fast way if I find some
problem running the new one. Therefore, I cannot erase the 6.3

Best regards

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