Performance Issues on 6.3

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> I made the test today and i got awesome results. One of my harddrives
> (RAID 1 ) goes offline. I made the test with only 1 disk trasfering a
> 1.7GB file trought FTP and samba. Samba got about 24mb/s and ftp got
> about 45mb/s from the single disk both. Samba takes the twice the time
> than ftp, it is my bottleneck anyone has any patch/suggestion to improve
> the samba performance on freebsd?

Are you happy with your 45mb/s?  Wern't you claiming gigabit here?
Seems if it was gigabit then 45mb/s is a problem, eh?

One more test for you.

Map a drive on your 'doze system

Drop to command line  (start->run->cmd)

xcopy a sample file from c: to the mapped drive

xcopy a sample file from mapped drive back to c:

Time it

Compare the times, what are the results?  What are
the results in comparison with the other tests?


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